Welcome to the 2017 CFC Season!  Crofton Football Club continues to be one of the most respected and successful youth football programs in AAYFA for over 40 years.  We continue to bring forth the values of safety, team spirit, character, integrity, winning attitude and most importantly, FUN for the kids who participate in CFC, while instilling a huge sense of PRIDE for being a CFC Cardinal.

We continue to invest in training for our coaches so that they can assist players with developing and honing their skill sets while most importantly, having fun in a competitive environment.  Our coaches are all Heads Up Football certified through USA Football and therefore are all in compliance with Heads Up Football health and safety protocols including coaching certification.  Our dedicated coaching staffs are comprised of many college and high school former players as well current high school coaches, thus showing the level of instruction that CFC delivers to the Crofton community.  Most importantly, they are extremely conscious of player safety and proper contact techniques.  We certainly recognize the changing climate of head and other injuries and the impact they have on your decision as parents to allow your child to play this great game of youth football.  While winning is important, and let’s face it…FUN…the CFC Board of Directors has made it clear that the top priority as a coach is to emphasize safe and proper techniques while coaching and developing each player at all levels/divisions.  All players, regardless of level of talent, will be developed and encouraged to be the best TEAM player they can be.  This great game of football is a TEAM sport, and no one individual is more important than the TEAM.  When they leave CFC for high school and beyond, our kids should be able to take with them an important value of the game and/or life…a teachable moment…directly from the youth coaches that they’ve spent so much time with on our fields.  This is also a very important priority for CFC coaches and as a football parent myself, that just makes a whole lot of sense. 

For the past 3 seasons, we’ve included, and will continue to include, certified medical trainers for our program who are in attendance and on the field at our home games.  They are also present at our summer practices as well.  We realize that when injuries do occur on our fields, whether you’re from CFC or a visiting team, it is vital to have trained emergency personnel in attendance to take control of that situation so that our coaches or parents do not have to take that fragile situation on themselves.  This addition to our program proved to be extremely welcomed and important and has now become a staple with CFC that will continue for years to come. 

At the same time, we expect you, the parents, to respect the integrity of the game, our coaches and our fields.  Although we encourage open communication between parents and coaches, there is a right way and wrong way of doing that.  If you have any issues with a coach, a referee, that’s certainly OK.  What is NOT OK is conducting yourself in an inappropriate way, including yelling or threatening another person on or around our fields.  Demonstrate common sense.  CFC has a strict ZERO TOLERANCE policy with anyone who conducts themselves inappropriately and the Board of Directors has complete autonomy with determining how such unfortunate incidents will be addressed, including removing and/or banning anyone who conducts themselves in such a manner as to threaten, engage in a physical altercation or verbally confronts another person in an inappropriate way.

Crofton football has a long history of providing a character rich environment to cultivate young athletes and preparing them for the high school level and beyond, whether they’ll continue to play football or not.  We look forward to another great season in 2017, filled with a ton of fun and excitement and we trust that you share our vision and philosophy.  I am thankful and honored to be the Commissioner and you have my word that I will do my best to uphold the position with utmost respect and integrity.  I, along with the Board of Directors, will be fair and diligent with all matters involving our great sport here in Crofton and we look forward to seeing all of you out on the fields again this year.



David Gutierrez-CFC Commissioner


​​         Crofton Football Club