​​         Crofton Football Club


Parent engagement

​​​​As we all know it takes a village to run an organization.  Crofton Football Club benefits from the sale of snack shack items.  Each Parent will be asked to work 1 shift per season during 1 home game.  Please make sure you do your part to help our organization.  

Team General managers will reach out to each family once the schedule is released.

Anne Arundel Youth Football League Home Page - See what’s going on in the AAYFA. Scores and schedules can be found here on a weekly basis.

Anne Arundel County Recreation & Parks Football - Your guide to what is going on with youth football in AA County. Master copy of schedules and scores are kept here as well as all important dates to be aware of.

Field Location - Helpful guide for getting to each game location.

Inclement Weather Updates - Check here to see what games or practices are cancelled.

Head First Sports Injury/Concussion Care - Check here to familiarize yourself with symptoms of concussins from one of our sponsors.