​​​​Parents, we all love this great game and the intense competitiveness it brings out in all of us...both the parents and the players.  I love when I see passion and support for the players and the coaches.  With that being said, we also have to understand this is youth football and there are certain things that will not, cannot be tolerated. 

I promise, none of these boys are being drafted to the NFL in the coming seasons. Unsportsmanlike conduct will NOT BE TOLERATED AT ANY POINT AGAINST ANYONE, not during the games or the practices.  First offenses can and will most likely result in the offenders being banned from any and all Crofton Cardinal practices and home games.  There is going to be a policy coming soon from AAYFA that will also result in a ban from that sport throughout the county.  If you are banned from Crofton you will not be allowed to goto another organization.  This policy is to ensure that we provide a safe and positive environment for the players. It also enables our coaches to educate your athletes in a manner that they have developed.  I have heard many complaints on the sidelines from parents that know better than the coach because they played ball in high school, college or has watched every NFL game ever played.  I assure you that the opponent threats are different at this level.  Please keep the relationship with the players, coaches and refs professional.  If you have a problem with them I suggest you bring it to them first or the team GM.  This is not to happen DURING practices or a game.  If the issue cannot be resolved I welcome the discussion and wil do my best to help the situation. 

Lastly, drugs or alcohol are not allowed on or near Crofton Cardinal activities under any circumstances.   

​​​​As we all know it takes a community to run a successful youth program.  Crofton Football Club benefits from the help of the parents.  Each Parent will be asked to work 1 shift per season during 1 home game.  We will need help handing out programs and flyers that benefit our own teams and organization.  Please make sure you do your part to help our organization. Team General managers will reach out to each family once the schedule is released.

Parent engagement