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CFC  2018 Coaching Staff 

11U lb Coach - Jason Treleaven
Coach Treleaven has been a resident of Anne Arundel County for 26 years, and played Crofton Football as a youth. He is dedicated to continuing the Crofton tradition for his family and yours.  He has coached Crofton Baseball, Basketball, and Football.

Varsity U Coach - Joe Avila
​Coach Avila is retired military and has been coaching Crofton Football for 12 yeasr now as a head coach and an assistant,  and has been on the staff for another 2.  His years at Crofton have been with 70lbs, 80lbs, 100lbs, 11U, 12U, 13U in all three divisions (American, National and Central).  During his time he has taken a team to the championship 4 times.  He has won 3 of them, 2 as a head coach with an undefeated season and  once as an assistant.

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BACKGROUND CHECK PROGRAM: The Crofton Football Club and The Department of Recreation and Parks want to ensure that every individual who has the opportunity to interact with children undergo a background check. A criminal history check serves as a means to review an individual’s background in respect to their participation with youth activities. No screening process can offer absolute assurances; yet, knowing an individual’s criminal background can provide more certainty that people with a history of inappropriate behavior will not have access to our children. As such, the objectives of the County’s background check program are to ensure that our children have a safe and positive experience and to provide parents with peace of mind.

90lb Coach - TBD -

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12U Coach - Phil King
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80lb Coach- TBD -
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