​​         Crofton Football Club

1. The Crofton Football Club (CFC) is affiliated with and works with Anne Arundel County Youth Football
Association (AAYFA) and Crofton Athletic Council (CAC and/or Council).
2. CFC is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the youth in the community by fostering in them the
principle of fair play, good sportsmanship, competitive spirit, tolerance and friendship. The purpose of the
organization will be to achieve these goals by offering opportunity, participation and competition by providing to
the extent possible,
(a) Instructional Programs,
(b) Intramural Football,
(c) County Football,
(d) Flag Football,
(e) Cheerleading (amended July 2016), and
(e) all related Football activities.
1. For the purpose of these By-laws, the following definitions shall apply:
(a) "adult member" means age 18 or over who is a member of the CFC.
(b) "Board" means the Board of Directors of the CFC.
(c) "Community" is specifically defined as areas covered by zip codes 21114 and 21054 and the greater AA
Co, in general.
(d) "County Football" means those activities which offer intra and inter-county schedules and which
emphasize competition. As of the date of these by-laws, County Football is currently defined as participation in
the Anne Arundel Youth Football Association (AAYFA).
(e) "Instructional Program" means an athletic activity in the form of a clinic designed to teach
fundamentals of a given sport.
(f) "Intramural Football" means those athletic activities which are limited to, and conducted within, the
community and which emphasize participation.
(g) “Select Football” means those athletic activities which provide the highest possible competition in the
Washington DC and Baltimore metropolitan areas.
(h) "Football Commissioner" means an Adult Member of the CFC appointed to oversee all CFC activities.
(I) "Youth" means any boy or girl whose household is eligible to participate in CFC programs by reason of
membership in the CFC.
2. A member in good standing of CFC is one who meets the requirements of one of the following forms of
membership and, thereafter, is entitled to enjoy the rights and privileges of such form of membership:
(a) Council family membership is granted to a family when its yearly assessed dues are paid, which
payment entitles the parents of the household to vote on Council and CFC matters and to have their
children participate in Council and CFC activities; however, the Commissioner, in consultation with
the Board and Council, may excuse such payment for household in need by granting a Waiver.
3. In addition to any other authority it may have to affect membership, the CFC Board by a three-fifths majority of
its voting directors:
(a) In consultation with the CAC Board, may withdraw or suspend any membership, and the rights and
privileges thereof, if it determines that such member refuses to assist in or support in the achievement of the
purposes of the CFC, or whose continued association with the CFC would be detrimental to its purposes;
(b) May waive the residency requirements for Family Membership to accommodate the needs of youths
in neighboring counties.
1. The CFC Board shall be the governing body of the CFC and the final authority on all sport-specific and
administrative matters under CFC jurisdiction and shall establish and implement CFC policy, review and approve
all budgets (in consultation with the CAC Board), establish membership dues and registration fees (in consultation
with the CAC Board), review and approve all CFC activities, take counsel with the committees, discipline CFC
members, and perform as appropriate such other related functions authorized in or required by the rules of
governance as dictated by referenced bodies in Article I
2. The Board shall be composed of 6 members all of whom shall be Adult Members in good standing, and shall
have been active in at least one phase of CFC activities, selected in the manner and for the terms indicated:
a. The Commissioner will serve as voting-Chairman of the CFC Board of Directors with an
unlimited tenure.
b. Two commissioner appointed members who are appointed on a 5-year term basis.
Generally speaking these would be the two sub-commissioners.
c. One at-large member shall be elected by the voting membership of the CFC for two-year
d. One Secretary shall be elected by the voting membership of the CFC for two-year term.
e. Treasurer duties may be assigned to a voting member (not Chairman) or may be filled by
other CFC adult volunteers (in a non-voting capacity).
3. A general membership meeting will be held each year for the purpose of elections starting at the end of the
initial two year period. (Per amendment July 2016, in light of CFC recently assuming responsibilities for the
Cheerleading program, any new appointed Board members to the CFC Board will be determined by the CFC
Commissioner until this integration can be fully resolved. This is a one-time only occurrence. The CFC Board will
have scheduled general elections starting in 2020.)
4. The Board shall elect by a simple majority a member in good standing to fill any vacancy on the Board on a
temporary basis until the next annual meeting of the CFC at which the voting membership shall fill, by election, the
unexpired term of said vacancy.
5. The Board shall meet at least once each calendar quarter, and at other times deemed necessary by the
6. Any board member shall have the right, upon reasonable request, to be notified of and to attend the meetings
of any committee of the CFC Board.
7. A Board member may be removed from the CFC Board and his or her duties, for four consecutive absences
from CFC Board meetings if a majority of the board votes for such removal. A CFC Board member shall be
removed for cause upon the vote of four members of the Board. Cause shall include acts of dishonesty,
misfeasance, malfeasance, and a course of conduct of disruption of the meetings or progress of the CFC Board.
Such decision for removal shall be final and shall be effective for the remainder of the removed member’s term
unless such removed member is reinstated by the vote of five Board members.
1. Officers of the Board of Directors shall consist of the Chairman and two Vice Chairman.
2. The Vice-Chairman shall be appointed from the Directors by the Chairman, subject to the approval of the
majority of the Board.
3. Elected officers may succeed themselves.
4. The duties of the officers are as follows:
(a) The Chairman shall schedule and conduct the Board and general membership meeting, ensure
adequate notice for such meetings, serve as CFC spokesperson, maintain harmonious relations with
the public, enforce decisions of the CFC Board, provide leadership in the controlled growth and
development of the CFC . The Chairman will serve as President (or appropriate nomenclature for the
purposes of specific sport leagues and oversight entities) and appoint CFC Committee Chairpersons
and sub-Commissioners (Flag Football). Where appropriate the Chairman may delegate his or her
duties as long as he or she maintains oversight and ultimate responsibility.
(b) The Vice Chairman shall perform the duties of the Chairman in his or her absence.
(c) The Secretary shall record and maintain all CFC minutes. The minutes, once approved by CFC Board,
shall be disseminated to CAC Board.
(d) The Treasurer shall report the on the proposed budget, seasonal expenditures, and seasonal
revenues to the CAC Treasurer. Ensure proper seasonal and annual payments are made to
appropriate Football oversight entities. Develop and maintain an appropriate accounting system for
such funds; maintain a file of all documents supporting the financial transactions of the CFC; prepare
a financial statement for presentation to the CAC Board at the annual proposed budget presentation.
1. The CFC Board shall adopt its annual operating budget by February 15th for the upcoming year.
(a) CFC is required to submit a budget for approval no later than February 1st for the upcoming
year, to be approved by the CFC Board no later than February 15th, for the upcoming
calendar year. CAC Board is to receive copies on the 1 st and 15 th .
(b) CAC Board and AA Co. (facilities owner) and CAC (maintenance grant-holder) review and
approve expenditures related to Cardinal Field and Crofton Park. All Cardinal and Crofton
Park insurance related matters are addressed by the CAC Board. Any request to upgrade the
facilities must be coordinated with CAC Board.
2. A simple majority of the Board shall constitute the quorum necessary to conduct business.
3. The Chairman, or when necessary the Vice Chairman, shall have the privilege of the floor, and shall otherwise
conduct and guide the meetings; provided, that when necessary, in the absence of the Vice Chairman, the
Chairman may appoint a Director to conduct any meeting of the Board.
4. The Chairman shall propose an agenda; if approved by the Board, said agenda shall control the meeting and no
additional item of business may be introduced, without approval of the Chairman.
5. At each meeting, to the extent possible, the board shall review and approve the minutes of the last meeting,
receive the Treasurer's report, and consider any items of old business, committee reports and items of new
business; provided that items of new business shall be referred to the appropriate committee to study and report
out, unless a majority of the Board deems it necessary to undertake immediate consideration of such item.
6. Each Director is entitled to one vote on matters before the Board.
7. A Board meeting, or its deliberation of an issue, shall be limited to Directors only, if requested by any two
Directors, or may be so limited at the discretion of the President.
1. An annual general membership meeting of the CFC shall be held in January. Forty voting members shall
constitute the quorum necessary to conduct business. CFC Board can also have an online quorum if
2. Other meetings of the CFC may be called by the Chairman, and the Chairman shall schedule and conduct
additional meetings of the CFC when demanded by a majority of the Board or by a petition of at least ten
percent of the members of the CFC. Ten percent of the voting members shall constitute the quorum
necessary to conduct business at such meetings.
3. At the annual general membership meeting, the CFC shall fill, by vote, the vacancies occasioned by the
expiration of the term of office of members of the Board.
4. Vacancies temporarily filled by Board election since the preceding general membership meeting shall be
subject to a concurring vote by the CFC at the next annual meeting.
1. The following shall be offered standing Committees which shall be responsible to the Board of the performance
of the following functions:
(a) The Fund-Raising Committee shall present and monitor for the current Board approval any fund-raising
activity of the CFC.
(b) The Coaches Committee shall present and monitor for the current Board approval all candidates for
future positions as well all related matters involving said coaching grievances with the Board.
(c) The Safety Committee shall present and monitor for the current Board approval all safety related activities
involving CFC as well as AAYFA.
(d) The Field Committee shall present and monitor for the current Board approval all Cardinal Field and
Crofton Park field related matters and activities.
2. The Chairman shall appoint a chairperson for each of the standing Committees who, with the consent of the
Chairman, shall appoint from the adult membership of the CFC the number of members deemed necessary to
perform the duties of the Committee.
3. The Board may create such special committees as are needed to conduct the affairs of the CFC, to which
committees as are needed to conduct the affairs of the CFC, to which committees the following shall apply:
(a) The Board may appoint the membership of special committees, or may delegate part or all of its
appointment authority to the President.
(b) The tenure of Special committees shall not exceed that of the appointing Board.
5. The committee chairperson shall establish the procedures which shall govern the course of committee
business; provided that any committee member shall have the right to submit to the Board a minority report
on any committee matter.
1. The CFC Board shall establish policies and procedures which shall govern the appointment, tenure, removal
and conduct of all coaches involved in CFC activities. CFC will adhere to AA County Parks and Recreation
Coaches Pledge as found on the AA County Parks and Recreation website: www.aacounty.org.
2. The CFC Board shall establish a policy and procedures which shall provide for and govern the resolution of
complaints and grievances free members of the CFC in an equitable and expeditious manner, and which shall
provide for notice to all members of the Board of all complaints and grievances filed. The CAC Board will
review decisions only to ensure proper procedures were followed. In the case of allegations of potential
criminal acts, the CAC Board will work in conjunction with the CFC Board to review the allegation.
3. The CFC Board shall establish policies and procedures in such other subject areas as it deems necessary.
4. The CFC Board shall provide for and the Secretary shall maintain a system of records which shall contain a
comprehensive, understandable and accessible codification of all actions undertaken by the Board and CFC,
all policies, procedures and resolutions adopted, such other documents and information which are related to
CFC activities, and the name and address of members of the Board.
5. All records of the Board and CFC activities are the property of the CFC, and any voting member of the
CFC shall have the right, upon reasonable notice, to access and copy of any such records or request a copy
be made at the expense of the voting member. Records shall remain in the physical/virtual possession of the
Board. The CAC Board may request and be granted access to any such records within 30 of a written
6. Board policies and procedures adopted under this Article shall remain in effect unless and until amended
subsequently by the Board.
1. The CFC Board is responsible for all Football-related CFC disbursements and will provide records in a timely
manner to the CAC Treasurer for proper accounting and tax-purposes.
2. Disbursement of CFC funds shall he accomplished by checks requested through the Chairman and/or
CFC Treasurer and signed by the CFC Board and CAC Board approved-designees.
3. No fund-raising activity shall be undertaken without prior approval of the CFC Board:
(a) All proposals to conduct fund-raising activities, or to otherwise acquire funds for the benefit of the
CFC, shall be submitted to and considered by the Board.
(b) Unless otherwise specifically authorized by the Board, whoever collects or receives funds in the name
of, or for the benefit of, the CFC shall give said funds to the Treasurer who shall make deposits pursuant to Section
1 of this Article, and who shall provide periodic reports of such deposits to the Board and appropriate committees.
All such funds can only be expended by the approval of the Board.
1. By-laws may be amended by the CFC at any general membership meeting at which is a duly constituted
quorum, and shall become effective immediately upon a favorable two-thirds majority vote.
2. Proposals to amend all or part of these By-laws may be made by the Board or by written petition of at least
ten percent of the voting members of the CFC, and must be conveyed to the Secretary who shall ensure that
the President is notified of any such proposal.
3. The Chairman shall call a general membership meeting to be held within two months of receipt of such notice
from the Secretary; provided, that in the absence of the President, the Vice President shall be so notified.
4. The Secretary shall distribute a copy of any such proposal to amend By-laws to each of the voting members
of the CFC at least thirty days prior to the general membership meeting at which such proposals are to be
taken up.
1. Except where otherwise provided in these Bylaws, a simple majority of voting members present shall
determine all questions before the membership in meetings of the Board or CFC.
2. "Roberts Rules of Order” shall control all parliamentary procedures not otherwise provided for in these
By-laws. The Chairman shall have the discretion to appoint a CFC member as parliamentarian to assist in the
conduct of any Board or CFC meetings.
1. No member of the CFC shall have, as an individual, any interest in or title to the assets of the CFC.
2. In the event of dissolution or other termination of the CFC, the program reverts back to sole oversight of the
CAC Board.
Original December 2014
Amended by CFC - July 2016 - pursuant to CAC Board of Director’s decision to merge Cheerleading into CFC.